For the Global VSAT Forum, SatProf manages a global certification training program consisting of numerous complex online courses. These courses draw content from a collection of several thousand custom-written Flash SWF files.  Maintaining up-to-date versions of the content files, loading them into the correct SCORM packages, deploying them in the correct sequence and in the requested language, and using student interactivity for course scores — all with limited administration cost and learning management system (LMS) independence — is an enormous challenge.

Participants in this session we will learn how SatProf addressed this content-management challenge with  a combination of custom XML schemas and Flex-developed applications, managing content from development through instructional design and ultimately real-time deployment. You’ll learn how a Course Builder app automatically builds and re-builds multi-SCO SCORM packages according to the lesson and page sequence defined by the Instructional Designer, how a Lesson Player app acts as a SCORM 1.2 compliant SCO, how quiz content is defined in XML format, and how student progress is captured XML.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to use XML to define content and sequencing in a SCORM package
  • How you can use Flash Builder to create a rich user interface SCO
  • How to write Flash SWFs to enable external control of navigation and language
  • Tips for using minimal SCORM API commands to maximize LMS commonality while preserving a rich and flexible student interface
  • Techniques for using ActionScript to manage SWFs with multiple languages, glossaries, quizzes, and simulator variants