A healthcare organization needed to prepare staff for the implementation of two modules of enterprise software. In the project plan, training days were allotted for the organization’s three user groups of clinical staff. However, there was no corresponding allotment for the development of training materials. With less than six weeks before training was scheduled to begin, the organization realized that delivering a full complement of training materials, plus user guides for each of the modules, was a very tall order — and absolutely essential.

Participants in this session will explore this case study, which demonstrates how you can deliver training plus related user-support material — on time and within budget — by combining well-structured content with the right technologies. Creating content for a single software module is a significant amount of work; synchronizing the instructions, terminology, and content styles across multiple modules adds a whole other level of complexity. Through smart structuring of content into discrete topics and reuse of content among deliverables, you too can create materials that exceed expectations and effectively support training.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The five most common pitfalls that contribute to training-material overruns
  • How to structure content into topic-based “objects”
  • To identify cross-genre content and apply it with minimal waste
  • How to create content for maximum reuse potential
  • How to use technology to leverage the potential of content