It is now possible to easily find art, photography, music, video, content, and even software on the Web for free. All you need is a basic understanding of attribution and copyright regulations. In this environment of tight budgets and deadlines, the temptation to use content, images, and media from the Web increases. But what can you use, under what circumstances, and how do you give credit where credit is due?

Participants in this session will get an easy-to-understand overview of intellectual property and copyright, what constitutes fair use, and how creative licensing can help you navigate the copyright morass. You’ll cover Open Attribution, Creative Commons (CC) licensing, GNU licensing, and Fair Use, as well as open content. You’ll learn how and when you can use use different CC licenses in the same material, and details of technical means to automate not only the crediting process for using such materials, but also to add additional resources to eLearning as desired.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What items on the Web are re-usable and what items require special permission
  • What Creative Commons licensing and GNU licensing is and how to find CC-licensed images and media
  • How to use OpenAttribute to easily and appropriately cite CC-licensed images and media
  • What open educational resources are and where to find them
  • How to add supplemental open educational resources to eLearning using the Folksemantic widget