Screencasts, AKA video screen captures, can help demonstrate and teach the use of software features, and are relatively easy to integrate into asynchronous eLearning. Using Adobe Captivate, you can create an initial 2–3 minute screencast “episode” with full-motion recording, narration, music, animation (canned Captivate effects), and editing in about four hours. Subsequent episodes might take you only one hour each. That’s very rapid development.

Participants in this session will briefly review the evaluation process Rebecca and her team used to determine if screencasts were appropriate for their learners. You’ll then learn the steps to create screencasts in Captivate, including editing full-motion recordings and their audio tracks. By the end of the session, you’ll know how to use your own screencasts to make your eLearning deliverables fast, fun, engaging, and effective.      

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to determine if screencasts are appropriate for your learners
  • How to develop repurposable elements in Captivate 5 for creating multiple episodes with consistent branding
  • How to edit full-motion recordings and audio in Captivate 5
  • Tips and tricks for manipulating full-motion recordings and audio in Captivate 5