Video is increasingly the go-to media for the web, eLearning, and mLearning. But if you plan to create a lot of video content, hiring a production company is not likely to be affordable or efficient. Building your own professional in-house production studio, however, can be affordable, and it is easier than ever to learn to plan, shoot, and edit top-quality video and audio for training and marketing.

Participants in this session will learn about equipment choices for video cameras, microphones, lighting, and green screens. You’ll learn about audio- and video-editing software, and about online sources for free and inexpensive graphics, sounds, and “b-roll.” You’ll also hear stories about choices companies have made to stay within budget and to get the studios that fit them best, and you’ll have the opportunity to get advice on your own studio choices.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What equipment you need to build a production studio
  • About video-camera options
  • About microphone types
  • How to match video types (output) to studio needs
  • About video- and audio-production software options
  • About the video-production process