Buying the right tools is only half the battle of launching a new learning initiative. Many veteran trainers know that “internal marketing” is the other half — creating awareness, encouraging employee adoption, and achieving mass buy-in. But many trainers have never had “marketing” in their job descriptions. They’ve never been formally trained on marketing principles, yet their job requires them to be effective internal marketers.

This session will demystify some of the “rocket science” that powers everyday marketing campaigns. Participants in this session will learn timeless principles that nearly every professional marketer follows — principles articulated by gurus such as Seth Godin and Robert Cialdini. And you’ll learn about some of the shortcuts and systems that marketers use every day. By borrowing the marketer's blueprint, you can dramatically increase your chances for successfully launching an informal-learning initiative.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How marketing communications is less about creativity and more about systems and processes
  • Common mistakes trainers make when launching informal-learning initiatives, and how to avoid these mistakes
  • Shortcuts and systems for conducting effective internal marketing without giving yourself another part-time job