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Online Forums 2011 - July 21, 2011
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Stephen Haskin

Industrial Strength Learning

Many training organizations are beginning to create and use video in their online training mix. But before you shoot your first second of video, you need to decide on video definition. Should you shoot in high definition (HD) or standard definition (SD)? Can viewers tell the difference? Are there additional costs associated with shooting HD vs. SD?

Participants in this session will witness a shootout between the two most common video definitions: HD (1080p) and SD (720x480). You’ll see the visual differences between HD and SD when viewed online and learn if SD is just good enough or if it is as good as HD for eLearning content creation. You’ll also explore the differences in HD vs. SD production costs and the kinds of video equipment you’ll need.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The real differences between HD and SD video
  • If HD makes a difference in your eLearning content creation
  • The difference in production costs between HD and SD
  • Why HD or SD works or don't work for eLearning


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