Rapid development of e-Learning materials and courses requires that things go smoothly — but things seldom do so. Knowing, planning, and having a system in place where all stakeholders understand their responsibilities and who is responsible for what portion of the project is a must.  Projects of different sizes require different variations of the same components, but they all have the same primary characteristics. However, projects often fail because of a lack of understanding amongst the stakeholders, or because the project does not have an appropriate support and management structure in place, including a universal understanding of project scope, an accepted life cycle, a solid communications plan, and risk management.

Participants in this session will learn the primary considerations in successful rapid development of e-Learning materials and courses. You’ll learn how to ensure all stakeholders understand the project scope, ways to stay current with an evolving life cycle, and how to communicate effectively with all parties. You’ll also learn how to determine and implement a successful risk management program. 

In this session, you will learn:


  • About the importance of a universal understanding of project scope
  • How to keep up with an evolving project life cycle
  • The benefits of a solid communications plan
  • How to determine and implement successful risk management