The Learning and Development market is saturated with e-Learning development tools and learning management systems (LMSs), so today you can develop and deliver e-Learning content using a variety of tools, including a number of “rapid development” tools. But organizations can lose days if not weeks struggling to integrate e-Learning courses into their LMSs, ultimately delaying the rollout of learning programs. E-Learning developers and managers should be aware of the obstacles to successfully implementing e-Learning courses on a LMS, and the strategies for overcoming these obstacles.

During this session, participants will learn strategies for successfully integrating their e-Learning content from various development sources into their respective LMSs. You will gain a high-level understanding of e-Learning and LMS standards, learn tips for evaluating rapid-development tools and communicating with vendors, and get recommendations for documentation, policies, and procedures to support your success in these efforts.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The basics of e-Learning and LMS standards
  • Questions to ask your LMS vendors about standards
  • Tips for evaluating various rapid e-Learning development tools for your LMS
  • Tips for communicating with e-Learning developers