Businesses everywhere are looking for more efficiencies in developing, delivering, and purchasing learning tools. Many of us have shifted to working with widely distributed teams, “variable” or part-time help, and rapid-development tools, but is this enough? Many learning developers are using new tools in old ways, but other fields are developing more “agile” ways of working. Let's examine some innovative new ways to streamline development, increase quality, and improve the collaboration among developers, stakeholders, and end users.

Participants in this session will look at recent tools and techniques inherited from many fields, especially software engineering, to enable small and distributed teams. You will learn about free and low-cost collaboration tools, tools and techniques for slashing the cost of revisions, and approaches for automating quality-assurance testing. You will also see how these tools, techniques, and approaches apply to real-world projects and examine the cost/benefit trade-offs.

In this session, you will learn:

  • About cloud-based tools such as Google Apps, collaboration and file-sharing tools, automated testing tools, and more
  • How to map agile processes from other fields to your own development processes
  • How to identify useful tools for collaboration, development, and testing
  • How to identify points in your own development process where these tools can help
  • How to identify what skills and/or processes you will need to support these tools