How can you tell if the training you develop is effective? What data can you gather that will support your training ROI claims? Do you have a way to easily report statistics to stakeholders? What would you do if you wanted to deliver a customized certificate of completion to hundreds/thousands of learners who just completed a training program?

In this session, you'll see how to use Microsoft PowerBI Desktop and Power Automate, to enhance the reporting of your training programs. LMS reports can show you how your user base is doing. But sometimes these reports are limited and aren't always readily available to those who need them. Using PowerBI and data from an LMS, you can answer the exact questions that you are wondering about your training. Couple PowerBI and Power Automate and you can deliver data results to exactly who needs it on a regular basis. You can even automate such things as a customized certificate of completion! See how to use PowerBI to enhance LMS data collection, how you can automate repetitive data tasks using Power Automate, and how to create customized certificates of completion and deliver them automatically.

Session Video