AR/MR/VR: You Could ... But Should You?

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"Best of" Webinars - February 23, 2022

Kevin Lange

Learning Consultant
Capital One

Augmented reality. Mixed reality. Virtual reality. We can come up with countless reasons—ranging from case studies to research and Gartner hype cycles—that these are much more than mere fads. Holding equal, if not greater importance, would be the need to first ask ourselves if a given learning initiative can, and should, be supplemented by AR/MR/VR. Is there a clear learning need, or are we succumbing to Shiny Object Syndrome? Are we electing to use these technologies to fill an existing gap no other approach can fill, or are we mistakenly making major revisions solely for the sake of adding a "cool" factor to our learning approach? An ill-chosen decision can be very costly in time, labor, and budget.

In this session we'll learn:

  • The positives and potential of implementing an AR/MR/VR solution
  • Limitations, negatives, and uncertainties of implementing an AR/MR/VR solution
  • Strengths and pitfalls to multiple technological approaches/solutions to AR/MR/VR
  • Questions to ask in analyzing if an AR/MR/VR solution is worth the potential cost, time, and labor to implement


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Session Video

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