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“Don’t limit yourself” is terrible advice, yet getting into a creative rhythm is not always easy. When the pressure is mounting, often we can find ourselves blocked in our effort to present a new and fresh idea for the project we’re working on. How can you stay in the flow and find the next great idea for your work?

In this session, you will learn how you can use constraints to free your creativity, rather than limit it. You will learn the importance of not saying “no” to ideas, but rather embrace them and try to use them as the new parameters for your creative work. You will find ways to build off of ideas rather than shutting them down and collect various tips you can use to jump-start your creative process.

Please note: The PowerPoint file shared is a flattened version of the presentation file.  The Constraint Cards are shared as a PDF.  To receive any other material referenced in the presentation, including the icons, please contact Cory Casella.


Session Video