Clients want high-quality courses quickly and inexpensively, but there are many parts to creating eLearning courses, so you need an effective and efficient production process. A training, tracking, and performance monitoring system will let you increase your quality and decrease your production time and costs.

Artisan E-Learning wanted to evaluate and improve their production process. They identified redundancies, removed bottlenecks, increased consistency, improved team skills, and implemented quality checks. Session participants will learn best practices for documenting procedures, establishing clear roles, and creating tools, job aids, and checklists. You’ll get access to many of the tools and checklists.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The data types to capture and analyze about your current production process
  • How to map out your production process at both a macro and micro level
  • How to create a knowledge base to help train team members and reduce effort
  • How to create systems for effectively managing production

Intermediate and advanced project managers, managers, and directors with some experience creating or managing the production of eLearning projects.


Session Video