Learning content has a four-stage lifecycle: development, delivery, management, and repurposing. For most eLearning professionals, the first two stages are natural: Develop the content and deliver it to your learners. The last two stages, however, can present significant challenges. How do you effectively manage existing learning content so that it stays current and is readily available to both learners and the entire L&D team, and what steps should you take to ensure effective repurposing of content?

Participants in this session will explore strategies for leveraging the learning-content lifecycle. You’ll discuss the steps you should take before writing the first bit of content for a learning project, how to streamline and implement effective quality control on content development, why choosing content-delivery options is becoming increasingly complicated, the benefits and challenges of using a learning-content management system (LCMS), and the art of repurposing content across audiences, deliverables, and time.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The benefits of an effective learning-content strategy
  • How to get the best value and quality from content-development efforts
  • How to determine what content-delivery options are best for your learners, your organization, and your content
  • How to decide if an LCMS is right for your organization
  • Why content analysis is key to effective content repurposing

Anyone responsible for learning content.