Current trends in eLearning stress small nuggets of high-quality audio and video content that accompany and complement other learning assets such as text and interactions. Moving away from instructor-led learning to on-demand and high-quality eLearning requires multimedia-production capabilities. But outsourcing audio and video production can cost thousands of dollars for even a few minutes of product. How can a small L&D department produce quality audio and video learning materials on a small budget? While the cost of building an in-house multimedia studio might seem prohibitive, smart setup and professional advice can minimize the cost and make the in-house production of high-quality multimedia eLearning a reality.

Participants in this session will review a cost-effective solution for producing multimedia for any eLearning project. You’ll examine how building an in-house production studio with industry-standard multimedia equipment, software, and techniques can produce both professional results and a quick return on investment. You’ll gain the information you need to determine if in-house multimedia production is right for your organization, and if it is, how to build and effectively manage a multimedia studio.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to set up a low-to-medium-cost in-house multimedia studio that produces professional results
  • How an in-house studio can support mobile, just-in-time, and larger-scale learning projects
  • How to manage multiple multimedia-production projects
  • The cost/benefit ratio of an in-house multimedia studio
  • How a multimedia studio can take your eLearning to the next level

Instructional designers, instructional developers, and all levels of management. Participants should have an idea of how they want to incorporate multimedia into their current eLearning strategy.