When it comes to learning-infrastructure technologies, learning and development professionals have a seemingly endless buffet of choices: Would you like an entrée of LMS with a side of EPSS? Maybe a VC for dessert? But unlike an all-you-can-eat restaurant, few of us can have any learning technology we want whenever we want it. The selection, installation, customization, integration, and maintenance of infrastructure technologies takes time and money, so we need to have a clear strategy for using and maximizing the learning infrastructure we have, and for integrating new technologies as they become available—especially if someone else in the organization is selecting the technologies!

Participants in this session will explore the concept of a “learning ecosystem,” and how to use this ecosystem to help drive the development of a learning-infrastructure strategy. You’ll then examine ways to use this infrastructure to deliver learning at the right moment of need.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to create a “learning ecosystem”
  • How to align your existing learning infrastructure to your learning ecosystem
  • How to assess what infrastructure technologies will deliver the greatest value to your organization and your learners
  • How to influence if not drive the selection of new technologies

Novice-to-advanced learning and development professionals. Some prior knowledge of learning-infrastructure technologies will be helpful.