Organizations and clients often thrust instructional designers into the role of developing eLearning as well as designing it. Unfortunately, their formal training has often left instructional designers unprepared for doing development. The good news is, modern eLearning software such as Articulate Storyline can make development relatively easy for even the most nontechnical designer.

Participants in this session will gain a basic understanding of Storyline’s functionality and features, and explore ways to determine when a given eLearning project will lend itself to development in Storyline. You’ll also get some tips for effective and efficient Storyline use, and be able to begin a Storyline-based development project with confidence.

In this session, you will learn:

  • About the major features and functionality of Articulate Storyline
  • How to determine if specific eLearning projects do or do not lend themselves to development in Storyline
  • Strategies for designing eLearning for development in Storyline
  • Valuable tips for developing effectively and efficiently in Storyline
  • How to establish an effective eLearning review cycle
  • About publishing options for Storyline projects

Designers, developers, and project managers with an understanding of instructional systems design as a discipline. Participants should be able to operate Windows applications with confidence, have been involved in at least a few eLearning projects as a designer, and have a basic understanding of project management. Due to the nature of Articulate Storyline, having a functional understanding of Microsoft PowerPoint will also be valuable.