In a world where we are seeing an increased interest in adapting learning to the online environment, many educators, presenters, and organizations are challenged with creating engaging and effective online modules, training sessions, and courses. The learning curve of mastering complex software often seems overwhelming and time consuming. However, with just a bit of software knowledge that makes creating dynamic graphics and animations easy, even novices can begin to design creative and engaging animations and modules.

Participants in this session will explore some of the top web-based animation software applications (animation “webware”) that designers of all skill levels can use. You’ll examine webware that you can access at a low cost that have reasonable learning curves, and that allow you to quickly create lively animations that you can export into several formats and easily host on sites such as YouTube.

In this session, you will learn:

  • About the top affordable and user-friendly animation webware
  • How to access this webware
  • How to create beginning to advanced animations
  • How to export animations to different file formats
  • How to host animations on sites such as YouTube