Infographics are a very popular way of displaying data and framing information. However, you’ve probably seen examples of unclear and even downright confusing infographics. Clearly, simply displaying a collection of related data in a visual way doesn’t magically create a good infographic. So what does? And how can you use infographics to create compelling training?

A good infographic does more than dump data into a visual form; it uses graphic design and data-visualization techniques strategically to communicate a specific theme. Participants in this session will explore the basics of what makes a good infographic work, what situations are best suited for infographics (or aren’t suited at all), and how to display data in a way that tells a compelling story to learners. By the end of the session, you’ll be able to identify successful and unsuccessful aspects of infographics, as well as create compelling infographics of your own. This session is geared towards the average learning designer.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What defines a good infographic
  • When it is best to use infographics in learning (and when should you avoid them)
  • The most common mistakes made in infographics and how you can overcome them
  • Infographic best practices for determining what story to tell, what data to display, and how to display that data