Many organizations collect data about learners’ activities, and with new standards such as the Experience API, we’re able to collect learning data at an even finer detail. But are we collecting data that will help us make our learners more successful—or are we just collecting data?

Before you can collect useful learning data, you need to know what data you need to make sound decisions about the learning you offer. For example, how useful is it to know how many times Sanjay answered question six at the end of module Q before he got that question right? What if instead you tracked learners as they worked through real-world scenarios? Would you be better able to identify and meet Sanjay’s learning needs if you tracked him while he addressed common scenarios, including what steps he took, what information he referenced, what his context was, and his end result? Join us as we interview Neil Lasher about strategies for collecting useful learning data and the potential for that data to improve learning.

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