Video can be a great learning tool—if it’s produced well and used appropriately. Learning professionals who haven’t been trained in videography can still produce great-looking, professional-quality training videos using ordinary cameras, off-the-shelf consumer software, and a few simple skills. Even students can get in on the game, using video to produce learning content for their peers.

Join us as we talk with Jefferson Graham about video-production tips and his new book, Video Nation: A DIY Guide to Planning, Shooting, and Sharing Great Video. Jefferson has produced over 300 episodes of the “Talking Tech” and “Talking Your Tech” series for on a do-it-yourself budget—usually either by himself or with one assistant—so he really knows video. He uses big digital single-lens-reflex (DSLR) cameras to produce these episodes, but he is just as comfortable creating great video with smartphones, tablets, and point-and-shoot cameras

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