Adobe Flash CS6 is an amazing tool for eLearning developers. If you can think it, imagine it, or visualize it, Flash can do it. From a programmer’s perspective, there is so much to learn about Flash; from an eLearning perspective, however, there are some quick things to know and do that will allow you to rapidly develop engaging pieces for your projects. Also, there are some pretty cool things to know about Flash … things that have been released in newer versions but didn’t get the publicity they deserve.

Participants in this session will focus on Flash for eLearning designers and developers. It’s not a session on programming for programming’s sake; it will address quick hits and secrets that really can impact your Flash development. We aren’t going to talk about theory; we’ll hit the code, design, and functionality that can take your interactions and Flash eLearning projects to the next level.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to trace bitmaps to vectorize complex color images
  • How to simulate 3-D effects with 2-D images
  • How to animate using the Bones Tool
  • How to load external SWFs from the timeline and with the click of a button