303 Micro-Master Class: Calculating Team Velocity & Project Complexity in Agile Scrum

10:30 AM - 11:00 AM Thursday, July 27

Is your team overloaded with work and mismanaging stakeholder scope creep? Are projects are poorly done with no focus? We've all been there! In this session we'll dive into the importance of mapping out each project, breaking down stakeholder needs into clear, actionable language to create project plans, and how to keep a well-managed and organized project backlog.

Penny Bonny

Instructional Designer / Product Owner


Penny Bonny is a learning designer who has learned to mesh the organizational skills of the event planning industry with the demands of a high producing training team. Her background is in graphic design and event planning, and she has seamlessly merged those skills into the Agile Scrum process and instructional design. She is passionate about creating new learning methods and shaking things up on her team.

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