203 Leadership in Motion: How Committed Leaders Contribute to Learners' Success

10:15 AM - 11:00 AM Wednesday, July 26

Intensive (or extensive) training programs often don't bear the fruit they promise. The goal has to be personal and owned by the learner. Yet, without leadership commitment, learners will lose their motivation. In this session you will learn practical tips to demonstrate your commitment to learners' journeys and gain valuable insight on how you can directly impact learner commitment.

Marjan Bradesko

Director, Conscia Center of Excellence


Marjan Bradesko, MSc, has spent his career helping people to learn, grow, and share their knowledge. His background in software engineering and networking has enabled him to connect technology with business. Marjan graduated from University of Ljubljana, and is employed by NIL Ltd, part of Conscia. He leads the Conscia Center of Excellence and uses his broad experience (training delivery, content creation, instructor development, sales) in talent and leadership development. Marjan is a proficient learning expert and an enthusiastic speaker. He writes about learning, personal development, technology, and travel, and has authored four books.

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