The inclusion of media – video, audio, graphics, and animation – in eLearning has increased. This increase is due to the expanding number of media tools available, the ease of use of these tools, and the drop in costs for both the tools and the development time. Ten of the top eleven media tools discussed in this report allow you to become proficient with the tool within three months.

This report looks at market share, overall satisfaction, importance of function, speed to proficiency, ease of use, and cost factors. It breaks down the results by types of media including video, audio, graphics, and animation tools. A media glossary and a list of additional tools, such as inexpensive editing apps, screen grab utilities, and compression tools are also included in a special appendix.

In this report, author Nick Floro analyzes eLearning Guild research data on members’ use of media in eLearning. Nick examines which audio and video tools are most popular and how these tools are being used. The report also includes a number of helpful appendices, including one of tips for optimizing and managing media.