Timothy R. Clark

President and Managing Partner, TRCLARK LLC

Timothy R. Clark, Ph.D. is president and managing partner of TRCLARK LLC, a research, consulting, and training organization that specializes in leadership development, change management, and organization performance. Prior to founding TRCLARK, he was chief executive officer of Novations SDC, a human capital consulting and training organization. Dr. Clark is considered a world authority on the subject of change leadership and large-scale organizational change. He is the author of the critically acclaimed book, Epic Change: How to Lead Change in the Global age (2008 Wiley/Jossey-Bass), which Stephen R. Covey calls “absolutely brilliant material,” and Dave Ulrich of the University of Michigan calls a “neo-classic.” Dr. Clark advises senior leaders in matters of leadership and organizational transformation around the world. Dr. Clark earned a doctor’s degree in Politics and Social Science from Oxford University and was both a Fulbright and British Research Scholar.

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