Markus Bernhardt

Chief Consultant, Endeavor Intelligence

Markus Bernhardt, leading Endeavor Intelligence, specializes in AI strategy consulting and workshop facilitation across various organizational levels. His expertise is globally recognized, marking him as a trusted authority, author, panelist, and speaker in the AI and learning domains. Esteemed institutions like the Learning Performance Institute, Forbes Technology Council, HBR Advisory Council, and the Learning Development Accelerator endorse his significant contributions to the field. At The Thinking Effect, Markus is at the forefront of advocating for ethical AI applications in learning development, shaping innovative learning cultures. His role as AI Strategy Lead at The Learning Forum involves him deeply in peer-to-peer executive groups, creating a dynamic exchange of strategies and insights among global leaders in AI. Markus’s ability to facilitate, contribute to, and lead these discussions underscores his commitment to advancing AI understanding in executive circles. Markus’s broad experience in AI strategy, combined with his recognized role as a global authority, positions him as a key influencer in blending AI with business acumen and learning advancements.

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