Juan Naranjo

Senior Manager Corporate Learning, Rogers Communications

Juan Naranjo currently leads a team focused on Next-Gen Learning. Its objective is to blend the worlds of learning science and technology to advance the boundaries of what is possible in corporate education. His team has successfully deployed a POC for a Virtual Learning Assistant, an immersive VR course for field technicians, and the integration of the company’s LXP into the employees’ native tools. These achievements were possible thanks to his leadership in establishing an innovation ecosystem that propitiates the development, and accelerates the deployment, of new ideas. Juan has combined his knowledge of economics and management with the world of adult education to produce innovative solutions that allow organizations to assess the ROI of their L&D function. Since 1997, he has played an active role in the deployment of ground-breaking projects like the development of one of the world's first virtual universities and the creation of one of the first corporate digital-training programs in Latin America.

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