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How to Submit a Speaking Proposal

Thank you for your interest in submitting a proposal to present at Learning 2023, The Learning Leadership Conference. Please read the information below before you complete the submission form.

Submit a Speaking Proposal

FAQs About Speaking at Learning 2023 Conference

What are the event dates?

The conference will be held Tuesday, December 5 through Thursday, December 7, 2023.

Pre-conference workshops will be held on Monday, December 4, 2023.

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When are speaking proposals due?

Proposals are due by Friday, February 24, 2023.

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Where is the event located?

Learning 2023 will be held at the Hilton Orlando Buena Vista Palace in Orlando, Florida, USA.

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What is the Learning 2023 Conference all about?

Learning 2023, the Learning Leaders Conference, focuses on strategy and leadership skills, investigates trends and technologies that impact learning, and shares best practices from learning leaders at large and small organizations.

Whether you are an experienced leader looking to advance your career and the learning profession or a learning professional new to leadership, Learning 2023 offers the opportunity to network, share your expertise, and learn from peers, all while participating in a vibrant community.

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What is the program focus for Learning 2023?

The Learning 2023 program is created with current and future leaders in mind. We delve into the topics and trends that are critical to today’s learning leaders and their teams. Our sessions and activities are crafted with three major themes in mind:

  • Learning Strategies: Explore the intersection of learning and business strategy
  • Learning Practices: Build your skills and learn proven practices you can apply immediately
  • Learning Leadership: Examine the perspectives, skills, and behaviors of modern learning leadership

Learning 2023 will feature more than 100 sessions exploring topics that are critical to today’s innovative learning organizations. When crafting your session proposal, consider how you can go beyond addressing essential knowledge and skills for learning leaders to provide the context that learning leaders need to apply those skills toward furthering the goals and meeting the needs of the organizations they serve.

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What types of sessions are offered at Learning 2023?

The Learning 2023 Conference will offer more than 100 concurrent sessions. These 60-minute sessions may take one of several formats:

  • Case Study: Explore a problem, sharing the journey toward a solution and the lessons learned along the way.
  • Micro-Master Class: Deliver a highly interactive session that focuses narrowly on the how-to of a popular strategy, process, technique, or tool.
  • Learning Story: Share your motivating and inspiring story about a learning approach or strategy.
  • Let's Talk About: Lead a dynamic and engaging discussion about a key topic or trend.
  • Panel: Join multiple speakers in a moderated conversation.
  • Presentation: Deliver an interactive talk, possibly with a co-presenter.
  • Research & Analysis: Share data and insights that can inform attendees’ practices and strategic planning.

In addition, we will offer full-day pre-conference workshops on Monday, December 4, 2023. These offer a detailed, interactive agenda designed to enable attendees to develop in-depth knowledge and skills. These are an optional addition to conference registration and require a separate fee.

You may submit one or more session proposals for concurrent or workshop sessions. The Learning Guild's Programming Team will select speakers and assign a day and time for the session. Please note any scheduling conflicts on your submission form.

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Who is the target audience for Learning 2023?

Learning 2023 is designed from the ground up with a focus on the needs of learning leaders at all levels. Our program and activities emphasize the strategic and tactical knowledge and skills leaders need and explore the ways learning leaders must adapt to the changing needs of organizations of all types and sizes. We provide plenty of opportunities to network and interact with speakers and fellow attendees as well as fun and inspirational activities.

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Who is eligible to present at Learning 2023?

Learning 2023 accepts proposals from learning professionals in corporate, organizational, and academic settings, showcasing the work of their internal teams.

Please bear in mind that all sessions accepted through this call for proposals must be educational and informational in content. No marketing or self-promotion is allowed.

Vendors and suppliers interested in participating in the Innovation Showcase or exploring promotional opportunities at this event are invited to contact Anthony Licata, sales manager for the Learning 2023 Conference.

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Are speakers compensated?

We are pleased to offer the primary presenter of each session a free full-conference registration. This free registration is given to the main presenter listed on the submission form. This registration cannot be shared or split. If a presenter is selected to conduct more than one session, only one free registration is issued.

The first co-presenter (if applicable) will be able to register for the conference at a substantially discounted rate (no other discounts apply). This discount cannot be shared or split. For any additional co-presenters, normal conference registration fees and discounts will apply.

Full-day workshop presenters, in addition, may have some travel and hotel costs covered. They may also receive a fee based on workshop attendance.

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What is required of me as a speaker from a technical standpoint?

You must provide your own laptop or tablet and any software needed to run your presentation. If you require internet access, your device must be able to connect to Wi-Fi; hard-wired connections are not available.

Standard AV provided includes a computer projector with an HDMI connection cable, a projection screen, speakers for the computer, a mic, and wireless access. If your laptop or tablet does not have an HDMI port, please bring an appropriate adapter. Other AV equipment requested will be approved on a case-by-case basis.

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If I am selected as a speaker, what information and materials will I be required to submit?

All speakers are asked to submit a color photo for use on the event website and other event materials, along with a short professional bio. Photos must be formatted to be a minimum of 300 DPI, 3-by-3 inches, and in TIFF, JPG, or PNG format.

For concurrent sessions, you’ll be invited to share session materials such as your slide deck, resources, or handouts. These will be posted for event participants before, during, and after the event.

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How do I submit a proposal?

It’s simple. Use the online CFP form and complete all areas of the form. You may submit more than one proposal, but you must submit a separate form for each session proposed.

NOTE: If your browser or computer crashes while you’re in the process of filling out this form, you can contact the programming team: We can provide access to your partially completed survey.

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I have additional questions—who can I reach out to?

If you have any questions about the proposal form, these instructions, or the event, or if you are unsure whether your topic is appropriate for this event, please contact the programming team:

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