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Leadership Exchange—Monthly Discussions


Leadership Exchange monthly discussions are your opportunity to pick the brains of industry leaders and other members of the Learning Leaders Alliance community. Each month we’ll meet via a live, video meeting and chat to explore critical topics chosen by Alliance members. Below are topics we’ll be exploring in the near future:

What is a Learning Leader?
Being a Learning Leader isn’t about your job title. It’s about how we inspire learning throughout our organization. Learning leaders understand the value learning provides to an organization, and how to communicate and deliver upon that value to stakeholders. In this discussion, we’ll examine what the specific behaviors of a Learning Leader are, and how we can develop them.

Solving Today’s Learning Leadership Challenges
Modern learning organizations are complex. Supporting today’s workforces takes more than just training; it takes a host of different resources and approaches, all adapted to the unique context of your organization’s culture and goals. These are unique challenges, but together we can solve them. In this discussion, we’ll examine the different types of challenges that are affecting learning leaders, and explore the resources necessary to overcome them.

Lessons Learned From the COVID-19 Pandemic
Navigating the disruptions caused by COVID-19 to our organizations and the work we do as learning leaders is one of the greatest challenges many of encountered in our careers. It’s also one of our greatest learning opportunities. There are many lessons being learned right now, from how to navigate a crisis, to supporting a remote workforce, to how learning may forever be changed as we reach the “new normal”. In this discussion, we will take time to reflect on what we’ve learned during this crisis, and how that might influence the work we do as learning leaders in the future.

Preparing for the New Normal
We keep hearing about “the new normal”, and how the world of work will be forever changed by the disruptions of COVID-19. But what does that new normal look like, and what does it mean for the work we do? Learning will be more important than ever as we support people’s return to their workplaces and workers adapt to new safety considerations and workflows. In this discussion, we will explore some of the anticipated changes, and what learning leaders must do to prepare for them.

What Skills Do Today's Learning Leaders Need?
Organizational learning is changing, and with it, so too are the skills needed by today’s learning leaders. But what exactly are the skills? One way to examine this is to look at the skills organizations are looking for in their recruitment of learning professionals. In this discussion we will examine what HR departments are increasingly looking for in their recruitment of learning leaders.

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