Learning Solutions 2021 Conference & Expo Speaker Proposal Form

Thanks for considering submitting a proposal for Learning Solutions 2021 Conference & Expo. Our goal is always to craft the most comprehensive, engaging, and unique events in our industry. And to do that, we need your help. We encourage you to take the time to carefully prepare a truly innovative speaking proposal that will be distinctive for this event.

How to submit your speaking proposal:

  • Refer to the Instructions on How to Submit a Speaking Proposal for more information on the event, audience types, tracks, etc.
  • You may submit more than one proposal for the event.
  • Submit a separate form for each topic or session proposed.
  • Complete and submit all required (*) areas of the form below.
  • If this proposal is being submitted by someone other than the actual speaker(s), please complete the Third-party Contact Information section.
  • The presenter(s) (and third-party submitter, if applicable) will be sent a confirmation email with the contents of the submission.
  • Proposals are being accepted through Friday, September 18, 2020.