Discover Best Practices for Success in the Virtual Classroom

Moving to a virtual classroom? Whether your move is carefully planned or just the “new normal”, The eLearning Guild has you covered. Since 2005, The Guild has produced over 1,000 engaging online sessions, and this event shares that experience with you. Take a deep dive into virtual classrooms with Karen Hyder and Mel Chambers, assisted behind the scenes by The Guild’s Karyn Gleeson, for a free four-session, one-day Online Conference. Learn best practices gained from over a combined 40 years' experience designing, developing, facilitating, and producing online events

A virtual session is more than a lecture with uploaded PowerPoints. Live virtual sessions use engagement techniques that compel learners to participate throughout the session. Even the most experienced trainers can feel overwhelmed when delivering virtual sessions. Managing software functions, displaying content, and delivering a clear verbal message all while engaging and responding to participants is understandably difficult, but it doesn’t have to be! Attend this event and learn best practices that will help you conduct your own virtual sessions successfully.

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Your Path to the Virtual Classroom

When moving to the virtual classroom for the first time can come with a lot of questions. The four sessions in this event will answer what the virtual classroom format can provide and how to success move forward.

8:15 – 9:30 AM PT

Instructional Design—What Can I Flip?

Not all the instruction needs to be virtual.

  • Explore the six key principles of successfully designing for any virtual classroom platform.
  • How technology, timing, and talent (the “three T’s”) affect design outcomes.
  • How to design interactions for your chosen virtual classroom platform
  • Learn what an effective online learning session looks like—and what makes it good.

10:00 – 11:00 AM PT

Virtual Classrooms—How Do I Use This?

Virtual classrooms are not created equal.

  • What are the similarities and what are the differences between software platforms?
  • Explore ways to engage learners by integrating available resources inside the virtual classroom, whichever platform you are using
  • Delve into the how to make the platform meet your objectives in the best way possible

11:30 AM – 12:30 PM PT

Facilitator Skills—What Skills Do I Need?

Great virtual instructor-led training requires much more than just being in a virtual environment.

  • Shift your approach to make the very best use of the resources available in your virtual classroom platform to engage learners in meaningful ways
  • Identify the competencies of effective virtual trainers

1:00 – 2:00 PM PT

Production—How Do I Execute?

It’s not magic, it’s carefully crafted settings and processes.

  • Bring all elements together to co-create a successful session
  • Virtual classrooms require production elements that have a person behind every action who must click, type, or drag in order to create engagement and meet objectives
  • Explore how to effectively manage the process—from planning to evaluation—that make live, online sessions seem like magic

Meet the Speakers

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