Support Your Workforce at the Point of Work

April 3, 2019

Live Online Event

As work becomes more digitally-oriented, the need for L&D to keep pace rises. Everyone can benefit from access to digital support, whether it be through desktop, mobile, audio, social, etc.

The Digital Support Solutions Spotlight will provide you with the information and resources needed to meet the real-time demands of today's workforce. This event will introduce you to tools and methods to get started creating practical digital solutions for the workers you support.


8:15 AM – 9:30 AM Pacific Time

Ann Rollins
Learning Strategist
GP Strategies

101: Leveraging Mobile Coaching as a Digital Support Solution

Bringing knowledge into the workflow in ways that increase retention, create intentional refocus, and support opportunities is paramount for today's dynamic workforce. In this session, we will examine coaching via mobile technology. We'll look at various use cases, review different examples of mobile coaching, and address the common challenges and barriers to implementation. Learn more.

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM Pacific Time

Chad Udell
Managing Partner, Strategy and New Product Development

201: Creating Valuable Augmented Reality Solutions for Performance Support

Advances in augmented reality make this technology more affordable and available for L&D. In this session you will learn of various performance support opportunities, marker-based and markerless AR differences, and how machine learning and AI can be leveraged to create powerful support solutions. Learn more.

11:30 AM – 12:30 PM Pacific Time

Sarah Mercier
Managing Partner
Learning Ninjas

301: Using Email in Your Digital Support Strategy

Formal learning is only the beginning. To be effective, L&D needs to support the workforce over time and through multiple approaches. In this session, you'll discover how email can be used for continual learning and support. We'll examine examples, use cases, and you'll learn practical ways to implement this approach. Learn more.

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM Pacific Time

Mark Britz
Sr. Manager, Programming
The eLearning Guild

401: Social is the Ultimate Performance Support

As enterprise social technology continues to grow in use, strategies for leveraging it as workplace support lag behind. Without alignment to the work being done, social tech becomes just another thing to check. In this session you'll learn how to advance your social tools beyond adoption to being a valued workplace performance support solution. Learn more.

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