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Measuring the ROI of Enterprise Learning for Customers, Partners and Professionals

4.16.24 | Sponsored Library | eBooks

Unlock the secrets to measuring external learning ROI. Discover key metrics across customer, partner, and professional education. Download now!

How to Leverage Learning Systems to Support Your Culture and Core Values

12.14.22 | Sponsored Library | Webinars

Fanatics is building the leading global digital sports platform – featuring the largest selection of officially licensed fan merchandise, NFTs/digital collectibles, sports betting and iGaming, trading cards, and much more—to create interactive, lasting fan experiences which also helps partners establish better direct-to-consumer relationships in today's highly competitive world. This webinar covers how the newly formed Learning & Development team was able to hit the ground running and address the current Instructional Design challenges. Through a recent case study, you will hear various perspectives on what learning software solutions and L&D tools were needed to set up a proper structure and how they leveraged Go1 for a massive curation of content in record time while building out course offerings tailored to support their culture and core values.