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5 Strategies to Optimize and Accelerate Onboarding

6.16.22 | Sponsored Library | Webinars

Getting new employees up to speed on the culture, processes, and knowledge base of a company can cost up to 30% of a new hire's annual salary. Meanwhile, most employees perform at only a quarter of their full productivity for the first month in their role - unsurprising given that many companies dedicate only a week or less to onboard employees.

In this webinar, you'll discover industry trends, case studies, and the essential strategies you need to achieve onboarding excellence. We'll discuss:

  • The bottlenecks of business onboarding
  • 7 reasons employee training and onboarding fails
  • 5 strategies to optimize and accelerate onboarding with video
  • Your checklist for optimized onboarding

Vroom! Getting Started With VR for Training

6.14.22 | Sponsored Library | eBooks

This eBook covers four main elements to help you drive better results with VR training: 1. Project Inspiration 2. Corporate Buy-In 3. Filming Scenes 4. Scenario Creation. And more!

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