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At The Learning Guild, we know that great content comes from a variety of places; that’s why we host content from the sponsors and suppliers in our industry who work with the technologies and products you use every day. The Sponsored Library provides you with resources such as white papers, case studies, videos, and webinar recordings on relevant topics, from a highly focused set of leading industry suppliers and vendors. The Sponsored Library is integrated into our website’s advanced filtering, so you can quickly find content on the topics that fit your specific needs.

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Roadmap: Convert Your Traditional Learning Resources into Powerful eLearning

7.12.21 | Sponsored Library | eBooks

It’s not too late to put eLearning to work for your business. If your learning program content is tied up in instructor-led resources, you can quickly and effectively convert them into amazing eLearning assets – this free eBook will show you how!

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