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Insider May 24


Learning Solutions Digital Experience
Announcing DevLearn 2021!

Join us in Las Vegas on October 20 - 22 as we continue shaping what's next for learning at DevLearn 2021 Conference & Expo! This year's event offers an immersive experience that includes emerging technologies, powerful keynotes, and over 150 sessions—all geared to help you conquer today's biggest L&D challenges. 

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Can your authoring tool offer power AND responsiveness?

Most authoring tools enable weak experiences for mobile... or powerful, adaptive, interactive experiences for slide-based screens. PeBL Pro doesn’t make you choose. Sign up now to discover how you can have both, and get in on extremely special pricing. For Innovators. For life. Join the evolution.


See Real Projects in Action!
Join us in celebrating innovative solutions created by community members on June 2 at 10 AM PT at the complimentary Best of LS-DX DemoFest Webinar! This 90-minute webinar is your chance to get a behind-the-scenes look at learning projects that have solved workplace challenges and connect with the people who created them. 
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Lessons in Leadership: Prepare your Technical Workforce

It is more important than ever to have strong leaders to keep your workforce engaged.  Learn how the IEEE | Rutgers Online Mini-MBA can help you prepare your engineers for the future.

Online Forum

Learning Leaders Online Forum
Cultivate Your Leadership Skills
On July 21 & 22, the Learning Leaders Global Online Forum will feature 16 unique sessions, each led by industry experts and leaders from all around the globe. Over the course of two days, you will build the knowledge and skills needed to support innovative and successful strategies that meet the needs of today's L&D teams. Register by June 18 to save $100!
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Curated Content

Learning Leaders Online Forum
What's This Week's Industry Buzz?
This week's Curated Content includes a list of ideas that shape how we view our work as designers, a post on how to use questions to assess microlearning barriers, and an article sharing how video game companies use accessibility to make games better. See all of this week's Curated Content on The Learning Guild's blog, TWIST.
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Online Conference

Online Conference
Rethink the Way You Use Your L&D Tools
You'd be surprised what you can accomplish with ordinary tools like Zapier, Twine, SurveyMonkey, Miro, and more! On June 9 & 10, the Pushing the eLearning Envelope Online Conference will look closer at the tools you already have or can easily pick up, and uncover all the creative ways you can use them to create powerful solutions! Reserve your spot today.
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Learning Solutions Articles

LSM Article

What I Learned: Great Stories Unlock the WHY

Everything you need to know about curating and telling great stories is in this article! Check it out.