There’s no need for you to Google “emerging technology for eLearning” and sort through thousands of websites looking for the information you need. The eLearning Guild just released its Working Guide for Emerging Technology series, a comprehensive collection of information about the most notable emerging tech for L&D. This series will help you sort out new buzzwords and understand the impact of emerging technologies on our industry.

Each Working Guide consists of a PDF that:

  • Offers an overview of a specific technology that is brand-new or evolving, and that is likely to significantly change the way people work
  • Describes or anticipates the effects of the emerging technology on the modern workplace
  • Provides insightful commentary that ties each emerging technology to L&D by describing its current or potential effects on eLearning
  • Supplies a short list of resources for further reading

The topics addressed in the first series include:

With a free eLearning Guild membership, you can access any of the five Guides, or the full compiled Guide. We hope you enjoy this resource!

Please contact us to suggest topics for future Working Guides.