With many industries already using artificial intelligence, it is important that learning and development keep up with this emerging technology. Artificial intelligence, or AI, does not necessarily have a negative connotation anymore—robots are not going to take over the world or replace us in the workforce. Instead, humans are working alongside machines to enhance the work they do.

This Guild Research report by Jane Bozarth, Artificial Intelligence Across Industries: Where Does L&D Fit?, looks at industries such as healthcare, construction, retail, and more to see how each one uniquely implements artificial intelligence into their work. The report also suggests that L&D should keep up with the times and start incorporating this important technology.

Download this report to discover the potential for AI within L&D and uncover the real applications of AI across industries. Access the executive summary for free to uncover highlights from the report, or download the full report with an eLearning Guild Pro Package to see how your industry is using artificial intelligence and find insights on how L&D can get involved with AI.