Ever thought about what the future may hold for the technology we use every day at work? It can be hard to identify when we have a need for more efficient and reliable technology, which is why RTI International’s Lab 58 works to explore new uses for emerging technologies.

In RTI International’s Lab 58: Emerging Technologies and Disruptive Innovation, Jane Bozarth illustrates the work being done at Lab 58, which includes identifying uses for new technologies through data collection and interpretation. This report highlights a few of the projects that the Lab is currently focused on, gives background on past projects, and shares a peek at what may lie ahead.

This report also includes information on:

  • RTI Lab 58’s use of AR, VR, AI, and machine learning
  • Additional types of data that new technologies can generate
  • The career paths of the staff at Lab 58
  • Ideas for ways we can utilize new technologies

Download this research report now to learn more about RTI International’s Lab 58 and gain a deeper understanding of where the future of technological innovations may be headed!