Learning experience design (LxD) is not only about creating content, but crafting personalized journeys that address issues of learner motivation, environments, and available resources. Grounded in experiential learning theory and experience design, LxD is less about designing instruction and more about crafting a robust learning experience; one that may include an extended journey, and one that includes helping learners develop themselves.

In Less Content, More Learner: An Overview of Learning Experience Design, Jane Bozarth offers an overview of LxD, including theoretical background, names to know, key ideas, and the differences between LxD and traditional instructional design.

Here’s a look at some of the features offered in this research report:

  • Suggestions for mapping learner experiences and journeys
  • Key concepts of learning experience design, including using empathy to develop learner personas and experience maps
  • A look at how LxD helps overcome the longstanding problem of learning being perceived as a process rather than an event
  • And more!

Download the full research report now to see how you can start designing learning experiences that boost learner motivation and confidence!

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