Use cases for Generative AI (GenAI) already include carrying out administrative and managerial tasks for Human Resources, such as: 

  • Recruiting 
  • Performance reviews 
  • Employee onboarding and offboarding 
  • Employee engagement initiatives 
  • Talent development and training 
  • Workforce planning 
  • HR chatbots and virtual assistants 

In carrying out these functions, AI can drive decisions about hiring, retention, and employee development, and automate repetitive tasks in payroll and benefits administration. It can also help with outcome forecasts. 

An emerging development is AI with multimodal capability. The functionalities listed above are mainly single modal, meaning they are each designed to work with a single type or source of data, such as text. A year or two ago (2022–2023), Chatbots were the big deal and they were single modal. Multimodal AI systems are trained on and can work with multiple (two or more) input sources: text, images, audio, sensors. This makes it possible to achieve better results and to support more advanced applications. Newer multimodal AI systems are Google Gemini, Meta ImageBind, and OpenAI’s GPT-4V. Multimodal AI will be adept at executing repetitive tasks.  

You can expect that AI will only get more advanced in 2024, so it would be a good idea to stay in touch with the developments and look for opportunities to use them. You can apply in Google AI Studio for a Gemini API key, which is free and allows up to 60 queries per minute. Setting up the service requires using Python, but there is a tutorial online. 

With the necessary integration of systems, GenAI can provide input to recruiting, training, and staffing applications to ensure the right mix of skill sets is available as production requirements change. Where skill sets are not available in the numbers required, AI can make “build or partner decisions” and locate contract or temporary employees to make up the difference.  

Look for three types of opportunities for AI in your HR and training work:

  • How can you use GenAI for everyday tasks, such as producing documentation and summarizing correspondence? 
  • Can you remodel critical functions to create more efficient and effective uses? 
  • Which new experiences and business models are areas where GenAI can have maximum impact on productivity and innovation?

There is no reason to fear AI, as long as you understand what it is capable of and are willing to add to your skills. 

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