In light of the global COVID-19 pandemic, organizations have had to readjust their business operations to support remote workers. As working from home has become the new norm for many companies, business leaders are seeking new ways to provide organizational support to maintain steady job performance, employee engagement, and productivity.

In How Managers Can Support a Remote Workforce, Susan Jacobs offers fresh insight on approaches leaders can take to make sure their staff stays productive during times of change. Learn tips for staying connected with remote workers and discover technologies that you can use to support dispersed workers. In addition, this eBook includes curated resources that will help you cover all the bases for supporting your organization.

Here is a closer look at what this eBook has to offer:

  • Research on the concerns of L&D managers and the measures they are taking to accommodate them
  • Insight on how to help employees create an efficient at-home workspace
  • Recommendations for staying connected and keeping communication fluid
  • And more

Download your free copy today and take the opportunity to refine your management strategies to support remote workers and maintain efficiency and productivity.