The plethora of data available digitally can be overwhelming for those trying to sort through it all. Fortunately, data as a learning measurement does not have to be as overwhelming as it first may seem. Data are constantly evolving; the only way to keep up is to start thinking differently about data, and make better data-driven decisions, especially from your LMS.

The eLearning Guild’s research report Putting Data to Work, by Ellen D. Wagner, analyzes how data in eLearning are acting as a catalyst for change. This report will identify opportunities to advance the skillset required be on top of your game in a data-driven digital world.

The time to start thinking about data is now, not in the future. Access the executive summary for free to review key points from this article, or download the full report with an eLearning Guild Pro Package to determine if you are using the appropriate data for the best decisions in your work—and begin using data analysis for L&D the right way.