Watershed, a leader in learning analytics platforms, is excited to announce that the beta version of Essentials LRS—which provides out-of-the-box functionality, allowing users to quickly and easily get started collecting and exploring learning data outside a learning management system (LMS)—will be available at no cost to all attendees at DevLearn 2017 Conference & Expo in Las Vegas.

“We’re providing Essentials LRS so users can track their data, play with xAPI, and experience a learning record store without having to make an up-front investment or commitment,” says Mike Rustici, co-founder and CEO of Watershed. “To make this possible, there are no restrictions on the amount of statements, learners, or record providers users want to track.”

What is Essentials LRS?

Essentials LRS is a fully xAPI-conformant learning record store. It’s not a learning analytics platform, but it does provide a group of preconfigured reports that answer common questions about learners and their activities. The Essentials platform not only allows multiple options for getting data in and basic reporting on learning activity, but also serves as a foundation for organizations to build toward more robust learning analytics.

Users can connect data sources and automatically populate reports with data. Users also can filter reports by data source or time, search for individual people or activities, and click on any highlighted blue number to drill down into the data.

Event attendees can register for their free Essentials LRS accounts at WatershedEssentials.com or visit Watershed at Booth 624 to learn more.

Maximize Essentials LRS and L&D programs with free book

Knowing how to effectively use learning analytics is a priority for many learning and development (L&D) professionals—but for many practitioners, simply getting started is often the hardest part. To help DevLearn attendees make the most of their free Essentials LRS accounts and to gain a better understanding of learning analytics, Watershed will be giving away copies of its book, 5 Steps to Start Using Learning Analytics.

“Getting started with learning analytics is easier than you might think,” Rustici said. “There’s actually quite a lot you can do with simple metrics and the data you have right now. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help others get started with their own learning analytics program.”

This book helps readers:

  • Explore the steps to get started with learning analytics
  • Understand different technologies that can support their learning analytics programs
  • Find the right approach for their learning analytics programs

And it’s ideal for L&D professionals who are new to learning analytics, as well as those who:

  • Need a refresher on learning analytics
  • Need help deciding which approaches and methods suit their learning analytics needs
  • Are interested in understanding how technology, xAPI, and measurement fit into learning analytics

To receive a complimentary copy of 5 Steps to Start Using Learning Analytics, DevLearn attendees can visit Watershed at Booth 624.

About Watershed

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Watershed helps corporate training and learning departments better align their initiatives with business goals. The SaaS company’s comprehensive learning analytics technology measures training effectiveness, performance improvement, and business impact to help maximize investments in learning. Made possible by Experience API (xAPI), Watershed enables users to explore all their learning and performance data in one place and measure how L&D is impacting their organizations. Watershed has experience working with clients such as Visa, Yum! Brands, and Bridgestone Americas, just to name a few. To learn more, visit WatershedLRS.com.