In September 2017, eCoach merged two products—a standalone authoring tool and a learning management system—to create a single integrated eLearning platform for the creation and delivery of online training content.

What were formerly separate plans for a cloud-based authoring tool and a learning management system have been folded together to create a new, combined eLearning product. Pricing plans for the new offering range from a free account with unlimited authoring capabilities and a limited learning management system to fully featured enterprise solutions.

eCoach made the decision to combine their product offerings after seeing frustration within the industry at the disconnect between authoring tools and learning management systems and realizing that there was a lack of combined offerings on the market.

The most affordable of the paid eCoach packages is the Starter plan. eCoach hopes that the Starter plan will disrupt better-known LMS offerings in the small-scale training market thanks to a highly competitive pricing point and the promise of an built-in authoring tool. For just $29 a month, Starter plan account holders can create and deliver online training for up to 20 monthly active users. Alongside a cloud-based authoring tool, the Starter plan comes with all the features of a fully fledged learning management system, from granular reporting and analytics to user management and permission levels. The result is a one-platform solution for creating and delivering small-scale online training at under $350 a year.

eCoach is excited to show their new platform and range of pricing plans at the upcoming DevLearn 2017, with COO Ryan Macpherson commenting, “Never has the online training market had a one-platform solution starting at just $29 a month to develop, train, and report on truly engaging eLearning … we are disrupting the big tools in price and ease of use.”