HT2 Labs—owner of the world’s most installed learning record store, Learning Locker—is delighted to unveil the latest version of Learning Locker to be released open source, version 2, at DevLearn 2017.

Learning Locker, which was recently shortlisted for the Best Innovation prize at the Learning Technology Awards, is an essential piece of software to consider when embarking on any implementation using xAPI.

This next free version of Learning Locker enables learning technology managers to spin up an xAPI-ready LRS with a single click. Once it’s up and running, adopters can benefit from a vast range of new features including the creation of performance dashboards using a simple, visual interface.

Ben Betts, CEO of HT2 Labs, is looking forward to the show and the opportunity to share the latest, free release of Learning Locker:

“When HT2 Labs was trying to get started with xAPI, we could have really used a product like Learning Locker: something that was open source, that we could install where we wanted, how we wanted, and really get to grips with the xAPI specification without breaking the bank,” he said.

“Last year at DevLearn we saw a phenomenal increase in the number of visitors already getting started on their xAPI journeys. We’re delighted to be back this year with a vastly improved offering in Learning Locker version 2 to really enable DevLearn visitors to take their use of learning data to the next level.

“The way in which we license Learning Locker Open Source really gives maximum flexibility in deployment; you can use it on cloud, on premise, or even just on your laptop to see what the fuss is about. It’s free and takes just a few minutes to get started.”

In addition to demonstrations of the new open-source Learning Locker v2, HT2 Labs will be encouraging DevLearn visitors to take part in a free massive open online course (MOOC)—Run Your Own LRS in Four Weeks or Less. This free course is designed to help more xAPI adopters get a learning record store installed and working for the first time and takes place within a community, social learning context. As if that wasn’t enough, visitors to HT2 Labs (Booth 603) will also be given a free guide, The Learning Technology Manager’s Guide to xAPI.

And, of course, beyond Learning Locker, HT2 Labs will also be showcasing its full range of software at DevLearn, including its social learning platform, Curatr, and its personal learning hub, Red Panda. With data scientist Janet Laane Effron and CEO Ben Betts on the speaking bill at DevLearn, you can catch HT2 Labs throughout the show at Booth 603.