eLearningNarrators.com is proud to sponsor DevLearn 2017, where it is launching its new website offering content creators access to a curated list of industry-leading professional voice actors who specialize in eLearning narration.

They are a collective of independent voiceover professionals united around a singular purpose: to support the eLearning industry with best-in-class voiceover talent.

As a learning professional, your goal is to drive behavior change that leads to business results. That means engaging and inspiring your learners to take action. The advertising industry—arguably the leader in influencing individuals to adjust their behavior—never trusts their hard work to anyone but professional narrators and actors. Neither should you. Versatile and experienced narrators can bring your eLearning to life, engaging your learners for maximum retention and adding value to your end product that your customers can translate into tangible ROI.

The actors’ styles range from conversational to formal. They sound like your employees, your trainers, your executives, and even your customers.

They offer a bespoke and personalized service that guarantees the highest level of attention to detail for your project. Throughout the narration process, you collaborate closely with the talent, who bills you directly with no added fees or middlemen.

eLearningNarrators.com is a shortlist of trusted voiceover talent, always working with you to make your projects sound as good as they look.

For more information, or to find the right voice for your next project, visit their booth at DevLearn 2017 or check out the website at eLearningNarrators.com.