Questionmark, a global provider of assessment management technologies and services, has announced an integration with digital credential pioneer Credly that will allow organizations to seamlessly issue digital credentials as learners complete assessments of critical skills. The integration will also provide participating organizations with data-rich insights to understand how test-takers share what they know online through social and professional networks and digital media.

“We are very excited by our partnership with Credly, as we know that there are many other ways in which our clients are looking to extend upon Questionmark’s core functionality,” said Eric Shepherd, CEO of Questionmark. “As we have worked with the Credly team, it has become obvious as to why they are the industry leader of digital credentialing services; they are a pleasure to work with.”

The new integration provides organizations using Questionmark’s assessment management system with the ability to automatically trigger the award of digital credentials as learners complete specific modules or demonstrate mastery of skills through assessments. Digital credentials, powered by Credly, can be shared across digital platforms, including ePortfolios, LinkedIn, and Facebook. End users, including employers, can then authenticate an individual’s skills to pinpoint gaps and identify talent.

“Digital credentials are most meaningful when they are fully integrated into the user experience,” said Jonathan Finkelstein, founder and CEO of Credly. “Our partnership with Questionmark will help capture the value of assessments in a secure, portable, and verified way, to both those earning the digital credentials and organizations hungry for better data on what individuals know and can do.”

Questionmark provides assessment technology solutions for organizations worldwide in 36 different languages. Working with organizations that span a variety of academic, corporate, and governmental settings, the new integration with Credly will provide digital credentials to organizations utilizing Questionmark’s assessment management system. It will be available starting this month, April 2017.

About Questionmark 

Questionmark assessment and portal solutions are used by organizations worldwide to securely measure knowledge, skills, and attitudes for certification, regulatory compliance, workforce learning, channel expertise, and higher education. Questionmark’s assessment management system, available as a cloud-based or on-premise solution, provides collaborative, secure authoring of questions and assessments; comprehensive item banking; multiple delivery options including mobile devices; powerful reporting and analytics to inform stakeholders; and trustworthy, defensible results. To learn more about Questionmark, visit

About Credly 

Credly is a leading digital-credential service provider, helping the world recognize lifelong achievement with the most popular platforms for verifying, sharing, and managing digital credentials and badges. The enterprise-class system allows organizations to officially verify skills and competencies; distribute portable and secure digital credentials and open badges; and gain actionable data and insights. Thousands of education institutions, industry associations, employers, and workforce development programs use Credly to make achievements visible. For more information about Credly, visit