Last March, eLogic Learning provided Learning Solutions Conference & Expo attendees a first look at screenshots from an upcoming version of its eSSential Learning Management System (LMS). Version 10 (v10) included a brand-new, modern user interface, which at the time of the conference was still in the final building and testing phase so it could be rolled out in May.

Since then, the UI has gone live, and the new look was and still is well-received by clients and new prospects alike. However, the system updates didn’t stop there. Once v10 was up and running, the team resumed its normal enhancement release schedule. That is, every three to four weeks, a new batch of updates hit the system.

In the third and fourth quarters of 2016, eLogic released 98 enhancements, and the company has already released 43 more in 2017. Some of these updates improve specific pieces of functionality within the system, while others (like the seven below) have a larger-scale impact on eLogic’s clients and their overall use of the LMS.

Here’s a quick summation of the top enhancements to come out of the last 12 months:

  • Learning paths nested with learning paths—Clients can now designate not only a “parent” learning path but also one or multiple “child” learning paths within the parent.
  • Curriculum templates—For large course library updates, admins may now help drastically reduce the time of these updates by using curriculum templates. For example, if a client wants to update 500 courses in their library to use a new registration notification, this can be done by using a curriculum template.
  • Theme-level site pages—This new feature allows clients to have different site content areas that will display to the end users based on the theme the end user is assigned. This speaks to extended enterprise clients in a new and powerful way, offering a number of branded themes for users.
  • Prerequisite enhancements—The new prerequisite functionality allows multiple prerequisite requirements to be created (two or more courses could be required, as an example), as well as multiple options within each requirement to be defined.
  • Certification enhancements—An “external” certification type has been added to the LMS. This allows for manual entry of an externally earned certification. These self-reported certifications can either be automatically approved or routed through an approval process.
  • Citrix GoToTraining, GoToWebinar, and GoToMeeting automated integration—The LMS now supports automated integration with Citrix GoToTraining, GoToWebinar, and GoToMeeting in addition to WebEx.
  • New compliance path requirement type—Compliance path requirements now have the option of being based on either number of curricula (existing functionality) or number of hours (new feature). When the “number of hours” option is selected, the system will sum the hours for the curricula completed to determine if the requirement is satisfied instead.

If you want to see the new UI (along with these new enhancements) live and in action, come visit eLogic Learning in Booth 314 at Learning Solutions 2017 Conference & Expo in Orlando, Florida, March 22 – 24. Or visit to see more.

About eLogic Learning

A leader in the eLearning industry, eLogic Learning offers organizations world-class, comprehensive LMS technology and content solutions that save costs and increase productivity. The eLogic eSSential LMS supports over five million monthly users and was named the number-one LMS by E-Learning 24/7, the number-one all-purpose extended enterprise LMS by Talented Learning, and in the Top 20 by Capterra. The eSSential LMS makes it easy to manage eLearning, instructor-led, and virtual training events, keep up with regulatory compliance requirements, analyze training usage and results, sell courses online with robust eCommerce features, and much more.

In addition to its learning management system, eLogic develops custom eLearning content and provides an extensive third-party courseware library. With a comprehensive, turnkey approach to implementing learning strategies, eLogic offers professional services and proven expertise in content strategy, business process change, and the development of corporate training programs.