RISC, Inc., is returning to DevLearn as an exhibitor. This year, RISC is highlighting these important milestones: development of a new product, a major update to its LMS, and celebration of its 25th year in business. 


RISC is currently developing a new product, Learn4ia, and will demo it at DevLearn. Learn4ia marries learning management software with eCommerce, enabling content sellers to seamlessly sell and launch courses or content via a web interface. The solution also includes a forum or group discussion feature, which will aid the learning process as well as nurture a learner community. Learn4ia is anticipated to launch in spring 2017.

VTA v8.0

RISC has a major update to its learning management system, the Virtual Training Assistant (VTA), with the rollout of version 8.0. In response to an independent study of its users by MakingBetter, RISC improved the Learner and Backoffice (LMS administrator portal) interfaces. Both have improved user interfaces to facilitate a better user experience, including visual aesthetics. The Backoffice update also includes additional reporting features.

RISC launched the VTA Supervisor mobile app in October 2016, which completes the trio of mobile applications accompanying its LMS. The team was thrilled to win “Best Business Process Solution” for the student and instructor mobile applications at DemoFest during FocusOn Learning 2016 Conference & Expo this past June. RISC is also pleased to announce that VTA is the first cmi5-compliant learning management system. This is in keeping with RISC’s history of being an early adopter of new specs to improve its product.

25 years in business

RISC is celebrating the start of its 25th year in business! Company founders Art Werkenthin and Vince Obrzut began with a vision to craft a learning management solution that combined ease of use, efficiency, and effectiveness, especially in high-compliance environments. RISC is honored to have served clients’ learning management needs for a quarter of a century. The company will continue its commitment of providing an LMS that evolves with its clients’ needs, as well as technological and industry developments.

About RISC, Inc.

Founded in 1992, RISC is an enterprise learning management system provider headquartered in Houston, Texas. Its award-winning LMS, the Virtual Training Assistant (VTA) suite, integrates training, assessment, and competency management into a single system with robust reporting. VTA is capable of supporting the needs of organizations spanning multiple sites and languages. As a cloud LMS provider since 1999, RISC supports hosted sites on six continents in a number of heavily regulated industries.

To learn more about RISC, visit RISC-Inc.com.

You can find RISC at Booth 545 during next week’s DevLearn 2016 Conference & Expo, November 16 – 18 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.